Dr. Suzanne Hiramatsu participated in the 2nd annual Trauma Expo held at the roped-off parking lot just north of the medical center this past May.

The simulated trauma scene included the arrival of field medical personnel implementing triage, scene safety and patient extrication with people made up to look like they have real injuries.

Five victims, two of whom were in ‘critical’ condition, were taken by ambulance to an emergency room at the hospital where they are put through a trauma assessment evaluation led by emergency medicine physician Dr. Hiramatsu.

“There are certain patients who meet trauma criteria and in those types of situations we generally get notified ahead of time. Because they require a higher level of care, we have a trauma code that goes up and multiple providers arrive,” she explained. “My role is to show the 38 medical personnel observers, field and hospital caregivers what I, as a physician, am looking at as I make my assessment. This allows the different discipline to learn from each other and to develop better communications skills during trauma evaluations.”

You can read more about the expo here.



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