Due to the shelter in place orders, Job Care hours will be temporarily reduced begining March 30, 2020.

New Hours

Saturday thru Monday: Closed

Tuesday thru Friday: 8AM to 5PM

Job Care

Occupational Medicine Services

  • Treadmill Testing
  • Treatment of work related injuries
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • Physical Exams (FAA, DOT, Post Offer, Preplacement, Annual, Fitness-for-Duty, Return-to-work)
  • Audiograms/Audiometric Testing
  • Titmus V4 Vision Testing
  • Spirometry/Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Respirator Qualifications
  • Work Simulation/Lift Testing
  • Vaccination Programs
  • Work related laboratory tests (PPD, Environmental Toxicology)

In addition, we coordinate referrals to:

  • Specialists (Orthopedics, Neurology, Pain Management)
  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Hospital Inpatient Services
  • Emergency Department Services
Job Care Address

232 Hospital Dr. Suite B

Ukiah, CA 95482

Get in Touch

Phone: 707-467-4994

Fax: 707-467-3728

Your company can become a Premier Partner with Job Care!

In an effort to better partner with you and your employees we would like to offer you the opportunity to become a premier partner with Job Care. There are two requirements that your company must fulfill in order to obtain this status profile.

  1. Annually submit and update your employer profile.
  2. Complete our annual performance feedback survey.

What this means for you; as a premier partner you will be eligible for a 30% discount on all provider based visits, examinations, and procedures not covered by worker’s compensation insurance.