Who We Are

Pacific Redwood Medical Group began as an unincorporated association of emergency physicians at Ukiah Valley Medical Center in 1981.

Since then, we have selected board certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who not only had outstanding knowledge and skills, but also shared our vision for quality of life within and beyond the walls of the department. The resulting group feels more like a gathering of old friends passionate about providing excellent health care, rather than a set of business associates focused on the bottom line.

Over the past years, the emergency department facility expanded and in 1993, our medical group incorporated to meet the competition of the mega-groups in surrounding areas. The sense of fairness and equality that characterized our early years in areas like shift scheduling continued as the basis for the corporation’s structure for pension and benefits. Our group members, PAs, FNPs, and MDs, all share in the ownership and decision making.

In the last decade PRMG has branched out to meet increased needs for in-patient hospitalist, and occupational health services. While most of our clinicians work exclusively as either emergency physicians or hospitalists, a few choose to work in both environments. In either case, we’re excited to be able to provide these important services to our community.

Today we are a medical group with an excellent record of patient care, strong medical staff and hospital relationships. Our malpractice insurance rates are low, turnover is almost zero and our outstanding reputation for excellence has been documented by national surveys. We are a stable, fair and visionary group that places value on both our collective success and the needs of each member.

Finally, did we mention that we have fun working together?